Failipinos Don't Even Know They're So Stupid!

It's just time to define stupidity.  The term "gago" or idiot itself can be very vague.  Remembering the whole Miriam vs. Aguirre fight a few years ago, it's time to really see who's the real gago.  Sad to say but Failipinos are so stupid they don't even know it!  Before they say, "Hiss!  Racist!  That's Filipino not Failipino!" then again, they have to know that the Failipino refers to every bad Filipino who makes the nation a disgrace and continues to plunge it into further stupidity.  Good Pinoys are on the other hand, not Failipinos but are good people who aim to help their country get out of its current state and improve it for the better.

How do we define stupid then?  Albert Einstein defined stupidity as going through the same act over and over again while expecting different results.  It's like trying to fit a square block in a round hole.  If stupid is to be redefined, then we might what stupidity really is.  I will use some classic cases of people who we least expect to be stupid.  Note that this post addresses some Pinoys, not all Pinoys.  There's a huge difference between good Pinoys and bad one.

Stupid people are characterized by these behavioral problems and is very common among Failipinos who widely differ against the enlightened Pinoy:

1.) Such people think that they are very smart, or worse smarter than everybody else.  

Failipinos are also known for this type of attitude.  They act like they are smarter than everyone and they SCORN the enlightened Pinoy.  The Failipino has the attitude that they know better than everyone which is the attitude of Pinoy Pride which enlightened Pinoys reject.  These can go from those who do poorly in school (usually because of rebelliousness and stubbornness) OR those who are only good with theories.  Sometimes a person with high academic performance can be considered stupid as well.

Atty. Viraliano Aguirre may be a high topnotcher, intelligent guy but his stupidity is prevalent with how he handled his case in the Corona Impeachment Trial and the Vizconde Massacre Trial. If things don't go his way, he shows some kind of silent rebellion like covering his ears or walking out in court.  And he even dares to lecture a judge while saying it's not right for a judge to lecture a lawyer.  Their annoying attitude has them always bragging how "smart" they are and saying, "Well I'm just here to expose your stupidity." without realizing their bad attitude exposes how stupid they are.

2.) Such people are never willing to learn or admit they are wrong

For the stupid person, they are never willing to admit the are wrong as presented in point number one. I remembered some incidents involving FLIPFAGs who are like that.  In my life experience, my evil Math teacher was one good example.  It's really hard to imagine how even after she is proven wrong by the judges, she quarreled with them insisting she was right.  She was an ELEMENTARY teacher and she was challenging COLLEGE MATH TEACHERS.  The problem of never admitting you are wrong is why the Philippine education system is so screwed up.  Just think how many DepEd textbooks are very filled with ERRONEOUS information.  It made me think of how later in my years did I realize that there are times your teacher is right, your book is wrong incidents.  Like think, who has better information?  An AB History graduate or a DepEd textbook written by INCOMPETENT WRITERS?!

Now another case I could bring up is the People' Court last October 22, 2007 which happened in Murica.  Now Eric Paolino has his credentials, graduated with honors for his undergraduate no questions asked.  But the problem was this... in the landlord vs. tenant dispute he showed a great degree of stupidity.  Not only did he refuse to give the deposit back to a would-be-tenant who refused, but also he dared to lecture the judge.  Judge Marilyn Milian after she told him that he was in the wrong, he said, "That's your opinion."  I can't blame the judge for flipping out on him because he's a second year law student at the SAME SCHOOL she taught.  He was interrupting her while he was talking and everything.  To be honest, that is NOT proper courtesy.  In the case of Atty. Aguirre, he also showed great degrees of stupidity for standing up to a prosecution panel that was not doing its job right.  You DO NOT treat any important process like a game!

3.) Such people have a high sense of entitlement everywhere they go giving them double stantards

A high sense of entitlement marks stupidity.  It's the problem of me, myself and I mentality that is for stupid people, the whole world revolves around them.  Failipinos think they are entitled to everything because they think they are the greatest race on Earth.  For them, they are the only winners in their eyes.  Just remember some American Idol incidents?  A Filipino loses fair and square, Failipinos get butthurt.  They expect the whole world to bow down to them and roll out the red carpet for them.  It does get annoying how they shout out "racist" but they are racist themselves.  The Failipino

What incidents can I name?  Sad to say but relations between Philippine and Singapore can sour up not because of Singapore but because of the Philippines.  While good Pinoy workers are law abiding anywhere they go, valuing their time but some bad Pinoys are something to think about.  Just think how often do Failipinos take their June 12 celebrations TOO FAR!  For one, they are in Singapore not the Philippines.  If you are in Singapore, you celebrate Singaporean Independence Day NOT Philippine Independence Day with its citizens.  I might be of Chinese descent but wait, I don't celebrate Chinese Independence Day because I'm not in China!

4.) Such people have an unhealthy dose of self-confidence hence leading to Pinoy Pride

The attitude of overconfidence is just as lethal as underconfidence.  Everybody needs confidence to do the job right but like pain relievers and vitamins, too much of such kills.  The Failipino tends to have the problem of overconfidence.  For them, they are sure fire winners even if they don't study and work hard.  Why is that?  It's because of the parasitic mentality that they ride on the success of their fellow Pinoys.  For example, they brag about Regine Velasquez-Alcasid (never mind that some Pinoys are just horrid singers), Lea Salonga-Chien, Leondro Locsin, Lydia de Vega and other great Pinoys.  What is also often ignored is that these people are successful at their own right... the entire Filipino race has NO RIGHT to claim it for the whole Philippines.

Now one of the greatest problems of overconfidence is this.  It's whenever I meet a Failipino, such people brag that their Pinoy blood will bring them through.  What I see is what whenever a Pinoy is seen striving hard and working hard to succeed (I remembered the Lydia de Vega story when I heard she was ridiculed for her hard work), they tend to ignore him or her.  The Michael Christian Martinez incident is just another incident.  It's really annoying to see them not do their work properly then blame others for their failure.  For example, the Gilas incident where they blame the Iranian team's "foul odor" as the reason they lost is just stupid.  And as said, Pinoy Pride will NEVER help the Philippines!

5.) Such people refuse to use their common sense

One may argue he or she is not stupid because they had honors or they had a diploma.  But face it, stupidity is never determined by IQ nor education.  Anybody can have their own moments of stupidity.  Being dull-minded does not always mean that the person is stupid, it's just that he or she requires more time to learn.  I remembered the statement, "You are not stupid, just lazy!"  But for me, the best thing to say is, "You are stupid because you are lazy!  The only way to be smart is not to have a high IQ or to be intelligent but to study!"  One must admit we all have moments were stupid and smart.  In one day you are not gago, in the next day you are gago.  Being smart or stupid is a temporal condition, not a permanent situation for anybody who is alive.

Now how are Failipinos really lacking in common sense?  Just think... how many times do they want to keep pleading for guilty Pinoys abroad?  Has it EVER occurred to them that releasing back Pinoy drug mules into the country will just contribute to crime rate?!  I may even think of the absurdity of the Rolando Mendoza incident.  Even Philippine laws are obviously lacking common sense such as if you don't open up the economy, how can employment be generated and the welfare of Filipinos be improved?  If you implement something as stupid as the anti-cybercrime law's  libel provision, aren't there bigger crimes to take care of?  If you throw garbage here and there, wouldn't that also contribute to the reason why Imperial Manila is so much flooded aside from poor drainage?  Tsk!  Tsk!


  1. I guess true idiots are the ones who don't know and don't accept that they ARE idiots. As far as I'm concerned, I accept that I'm an idiot too and I make mistakes (of course, that's no justification for the wrongs I have done myself).


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