Just My Personal Preferences: I'm Usually More Attracted To Hot Caucasians Over Hot Orientals!

I would admit that my preferences for beauty appreciation are usually both Orientals (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and in some cases Vietnamese) and whites.  However even if I am ethnically Chinese of Fujian and Cantonese descent, I found myself more attracted to attractive white girls instead of orientals in a number of cases.

One good example I love to raise is how I'm attracted to Kimberly over Mei.  No matter how much I scream my opinion that Zyuranger is better than Mighty Morphin' (which is equivalent to me screaming I prefer an orange over an apple, never been fond of apples that much).  Mei is cute, Kimberly is hot.  I just thought of why I even think about my choice (Kimberly) vs. Mr. Smith's choice (Jasmine).

Nothing was more painful and funny at the same time than my long-term denial was falling for that Spanish-Filipino girl who ends up looking (in some way) to Rin Takanashi and that she was the one my heart yearned for all that time.  I was in denial that she was my first crush all along.

In my own watch, I tend to think that hot blondes or brunettes are the most attractive women on Earth.  While I did confess about my Super Sentai/Power Rangers preferences one way or another, I still cannot deny that my preferences tend to lean on white girls even if they are even just half-white.  I even wonder if I still have my leftovers from the time I wanted to be called American since i tend to consider that blonde is the best hair color, white is the best skin color and blue is the best eye color to my point of view.