Some Fighting Game Characters I Tend To Use A Lot For Some Fighting Game Series!

So here's a list of fighting game characters that I tend to use a lot...

Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z fighting games)

Vegeta is my favorite Dragon Ball Z character considering I can be very obstinate towards just... ANYTHING and not to mention, my mindset tends to be, "I have to be on top against that low-class person." is what I tend to think about... A LOT. I always thought that during his arrival in Dragon Ball Z, I always viewed myself siding with him after he decided to go against his master, Frieza and later, he would be in the good guys list but... he was always trying to outmatch Goku. What's even weirder is how I even get annoyed by Goku's happy go lucky attitude which contrasts Vegeta's. If you've watched Resurrection of F movie, you can see he remains with that kind of temper.

I could still remember his glorious introduction that after Raditz fell, he revealed himself to be no easy opponent. He was revealed to be working for Frieza's empire which was unofficially called the "Planet Trade Organization". What was revealed was that he already planned to overthrow his master Frieza and that he really suffered abuse at the hands of his higher-ups. For example, the flashback where he together with Raditz and Nappa conquered Shikk, he is just so easily taken for granted and later, he would learn that his planet was destroyed by his boss. I always felt that those scenes still made me feel sorry for him even if that time, he was pretty much a cruel guy with no remorse whatsoever.

After he saw a low class warrior become a Super Saiyan, he could not accept how a higher class warrior like him just couldn't beat his rival. After Frieza was defeated, he would later be on Earth where he started to adjust to his former enemies. Why the writers decided to have him and Bulma get together after being indirectly responsible for Yamcha's death (via one of his Saibamen), he would actually somehow insult the guy. Yamcha who had just returned from the dead with the others by actually getting his woman?! I thought that Vegeta and Bulma was an awkward couple considering they are both high strung... so how in the world did they decide to have their son Trunks anyway? Later, he would also make a disastrous decision when he decided to work with Babidi to become far more powerful than ever, only for him to sacrifice himself to defeat Majin Buu thus leading to a second time he's actually died on-screen.

When it comes to Dragon Ball Z games, I am aware Goku has all the cooler moves and in the Budokai as well as the Budokai Tenkaichi games, cooler forms. But Vegeta's aggressive fighting style not to mention his personality is what clicks with me the most. My favorite variation for Vegeta can go from the Saiyan Saga to the Cell Saga or the Majin Buu Saga. When it comes to any Dragon Ball Z game, he's been my top favorite even if there are other cooler characters around like Gohan (another of my favorites), Future Trunks but Vegeta is usually in my top list.

Wolverine (Marvel fighting game series, both by Capcom and Activision)

While Cyclops happens to be one of my favorite characters but somehow, I felt like I preferred his close range fighting. He happens to be one of the most complex characters in the Marvel Universe starting from his multiple affairs (which led to later tragedies such as the Mongrels or Daken in the comic-verse) to just his mysterious past. So what's up with Wolverine himself?

The first time I got really accustomed to this guy was during the Marvel Super Heroes game and the X-Men: Children of the Atom game. While I didn't enjoy his first appearance that much but later on, Marvel Super Heroes would somehow define how this guy would appear in later video games and what's interesting, he's got more appearances than Cyclops because of his popularity as a character. In Marvel Super Heroes, he was my top favorite character though others may include Spiderman and Psylocke. He's among a few of the Marvel characters to appear in ALL the Marvel vs. Capcom games. My reason? Somehow I just love slashing everything with them claws of his.

I didn't really enjoy the Activision X-Men games as much as Capcom's Marvel fighting game series but I cannot deny that I simply enjoyed him that much with his badass moves. During the first X-Men Mutant Academy then its much improved sequel, I would enjoy using all his claw based moves. The second game had better controls and with Sabertooth as his final boss, I really enjoy beating his arch-rival up. If Activision did anything right was to actually have Sabertooth his archenemy face him a lot more often. Both of them have been vicious archenemies and I always felt the tension between the two of them.

Now what about his appearances in other media? I just thought he became my favorite during the X-Men cartoon series, I ended up liking him more in the comics and I was glad that there were two movies dedicated to him. What's better is that Hugh Jackman manages to redefine Wolverine from his starting origins to becoming a more marketable character. On the other hand, I feel like part of me died when Wolverine was written off in the mini-series called "Death of Wolverine".

Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat series)

Well yes, I am a Liu Kang fan and my favoritism for the guy's so obvious I really hated Raiden in the reboot screwing up. If worse, I really wanted Liu Kang to kill Raiden (which is impossible) because of how the latter kept screwing up and going full retard. Even during the first few Mortal Kombat games in the past, I viewed him as the Chinese version of Ryu who started off as a Bruce Lee tribute then came that really awful deal... and you know what that is. I always thought I liked him as a noble hero of honor though later games, there's something I might accept or not accept.

Deadly Alliance (where Shang Tsung killed him) really had me WTF to the point I almost dropped the Mortal Kombat franchise and I was glad to see him back in Mortal Kombat Deception. Even if I had to really finish through Konquest Mode before I could unlock him, I did it all in the name of Liu Kang. I thought about the rather creepy zombie outfit and him having his original outfit. I was glad to have him in my inventory because he's my favorite. At the same time, I felt a part of me died with him appearing as a ravaging zombie who is obsessed with revenge which carried on until Armageddon. Sideline, I also thought of Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks where he's my favorite character to use and as said, poor Kung Lao though don't worry, I still like Kung Lao. In that game, I thought of having my revenge on one person... SHANG TSUNG. It was so satisfying to really BREAK his neck as an act of revenge.

Now it's time to talk about the series reboot where I felt sorry for him. I would have probably gone even worse than he did when it came to Raiden's multiple blunders that killed most of his friends. During that game, at first he appears to be a hero and he trusts Raiden would actually make the right decision only for him to see everything fall apart. I could still agree with him that Raiden's decision to ask help from Quan Chi is WTF stupid. Later scene, Raiden's too late to try and get my favorite character back (or me as well) to like him again because of the events of the game. Worse, Raiden's actions killed my favorite Mortal Kombat character and I even felt like repeating the words, "You killed us all." before he died.

Later in Mortal Kombat X, I wasn't a bit surprised to see him as a wraith or revenant, still angry with Raiden. I always felt like sympathizing with him especially when he mocked Raiden about seeing visions from the future. Granted, I haven't played the game but I saw the Story Mode (which really didn't have so much impact IMO as the last game, so yeah I am a spoiler addict) but, I really felt like I could still pity him. Later on, it seemed to be that Raiden appointed him and Kitana to rule over the Netherrealm where he saw Shinnok's head in the final scene.

Ryu (Street Fighter series)

For Street Fighter, I was a Ryu fan and less of a Ken fan. I have fun with Ken but I prefer Ryu for a reason. I always thought about how I really at first loved spamming Hadokens but later, I would avoid using it and "fighting with honor" where I'd rather lose than get a cheap victory. But it doesn't mean I didn't really have much of a cheap side considering that I tend to use his Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku a lot or two, use his Shoryuken against incoming air opponents.

The time I started using Ryu more was during the Street Fighter Alpha series. True he lost that red Hadoken of his but, I enjoyed using his Shinkuu Hadoken in combos or out of combos. I always thought of his rivalry with Sagat was explored then his relationship with General Vega/Bison as well as his rivalry with Gouki/Akuma was also one of my favorite plots. His rivalry with Sagat would later go to friendly (Sagat would later defect from Shadaloo) and having a friendly rivalry with Ken was interesting. I also thought how he and Sagat developed was fun to watch while he also would go on to face more powerful rivals while remaining the honorable man he is while having a deep dark secret.

What's more interesting is that he's been in EVERY Marvel vs. Capcom game from X-Men vs. Street Fighter up to Marvel vs. Capcom 3. During the earlier days, I was always having a Ryu/Cyclops tandem as my favorite during X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. During Marvel vs. Capcom, he and Megaman were my favorites. During Marvel vs. Capcom 2, I found myself not using him so much considering that I was using Cable a lot (so really, why was he left out in MVC 3?!), I mean a lot but still, I used him as a favorite. As for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I don't really intend to get that game after I had tried renting it.

My favorite part of Ryu is that in later games, we also get to see the Evil Ryu personality emerge starting with Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Gold) and in Street Fighter Alpha 3. I thought when it came to using Ryu, somehow I kinda like being dirty. While I am playing as Ryu, I play as honorably as possible even against the CPU but that can't be said about Evil Ryu. When I'm using his evil alter ego, I hardly do any "honorable fighting" by playing as cheap as possible, even catching opponents off guard just to get a win.

Kazuya Mishima (Tekken series)

For Kazuya, he's been a favorite of mine since the first Tekken game. Though I originally started off with King I (and later King II) which I was unaware of this "legacy character" business, Kazuya was where I found myself at home at. I always thought that when he went missing in Tekken 3 (and Jin Kazama is my second favorite but I don't hate that game compared to how I hate Deadly Alliance for killing Liu Kang off), I felt disappointed with how he wasn't around. Tekken Tag Tournament came in, he was there (Woohoo for me by then) and for the rest of Tekken, he became my favorite character more than any other character.

I always thought why is he my favorite Mishima lineage member? My reasons might be because there are times I felt like I wanted to do what he did, strike a deal with the dark side. During the events of Tekken 4, I always considered him the cooler guy than his antagonistic offspring Jin Kazama who he had with Jun Kazama who most likely sought to save him during the events of Tekken 2. I always found myself supporting G-Corporation, going against every person who wanted him down and even go against both Heihachi and Jin... for his sake where I go "HUH?!" with it. He may have a tragic past considering Heihachi is the man responsible behind all the tragedy in Tekken. So I did feel sorry for him for being thrown at the cliff and he becomes all berserk, crazy and not to mention a cruel, heartless individual who Jun Kazama seeks to save.

What I found weird is how I had a crush on Jun as a kid and Kazuya was my favorite. I always thought how in the world did they end up getting intimate? The 2010 film starring John Foo had Kazuya rape Jun off-screen. From what I heard, Katsuhiro Harada somehow confirms that rape did not happen. How Kazuya and Jun got together to the point they produced Jin is somewhat a mystery. So Jun has been trying to save him from his Devil self and so maybe, just maybe that's how they were drawn. I do find myself with a mixed series of emotions especially with how Jin is actually the son of my favorite character and my video game crush in the second game.

My reason for using him is also with how I like to play at times... cheap but not so cheap. Heihachi has been more powered up than this guy. My favorite move of this guy is the Tequila Sunrise or that spin kick which got more easier to abuse as the series went by. Also, I thought that his basic combos to the more complex moves, I tend to play dirty with this guy especially when he beats a person's face to the ground. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I just love how Devil has become an in-game transformation which makes him... even more fun to play with and of course, beating Heihachi with Kazuya is a load of crazy fun.