Angry Rant: It's Best To Rename Capcom To CRAPCOM!

Who says new school is always better? Seriously?! I always want to think about how Capcom used to produce a lot of good games during the old school days. Some people may think I'm just innovation but I'm not. Here's what... sorry to say but Capcom needs to be renamed as Crapcom. With my plans to get a Playstation 4, I'm glad that I didn't immediately get it. After the bailout Sony gave Capcom but guess what... we've got Street Fighter V: UNFINISHED EDITION. It's a bigger issue than Netherrealm Studios' cancellation of Mortal Kombat X because of technical issues. At least, Netherrealm learned its lesson and later released Mortal Kombat XL for those who weren't able to get an eight generation console immediately. Plus, the delay was worth it because I hate downloading patch by patch. Mortal Kombat X shows a lot of content that would make me want to get a PS4 though there's not so many games I want to get... yet. I'm going to show how changes don't always equal progress.

Let's talk about Street Fighter V better dubbed as Street Fighter V: UNFINISHED EDITION. You get excited for it, right? But again, just because the game is newer doesn't mean it's better. Gone are days when Capcom actually took heart to make almost every game better each time a new one came out. The Street Fighter II series and the Street Fighter Alpha series had each game getting better than the last. But Street Fighter V is best called unfinished edition because of reviewers who point out bad online gameplay AND the severe lack of an arcade mode. It's a fighting game so why does it lack an arcade mode? Sure it could work with the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series (which was more focused on reliving the Anime series in the form of a video game) but no, not with the Street Fighter series. The controls may be smooth but come on where's the challenge? Story Mode is bland, a lot fewer characters cut down to 18 and it's just not worth the money. Where's Arcade Mode? Plus, where's taking advantage of the power of eighth generation consoles?

Going to go back to the seventh generation, I really got disappointed with how Marvel VS. Capcom 3 turned out to be. Sure, I hear of smooth controls but the game is lacking. It's all about the bare minimum when it's already a seventh generation console game. You just get the lousiest endings done through the picture comic endings. Those that came during the old school days of the Marvel vs. Capcom series looked better. It was excusable to have the old school games have those kinds of endings but no, not Marvel VS. Capcom 3. Those stupid endings there look pale in contrast to the reboot edition of Mortal Kombat's not so impressive upgraded old school Killer Instinct style endings. Marvel VS. Capcom 2 had more of an excuse not to have endings because of the character overload and limits of the sixth generation console. But no, what in the world was Crapcom thinking with their mediocre game?

If anything, other game companies understand how important it is to make sure their innovative ideas keep content fresh. Netherrealm Studios' Mortal Kombat game surprisingly managed to create such a great game by combining elements from Tekken (use of one button per limb), Street Fighter and Killer Instinct into the game. Namco's Tekken is a beautiful mix of several games like Virtua Fighter while taking references from popular video game characters like Kazuya looks like Vegeta and Heihachi looks like Dr. Wily. Mortal Kombat X's Story Mode may not be as good as its predecessor but it introduced more fluid mechanics and a deeper gameplay through the Variation System (similar to Street Fighter Alpha 3). Hopefully, Tekken 7's release for the eighth generation consoles will further put Crapcom's idiotic practices to shame. 

So when the old school games turn out better than their new school games then something's not quite right. As said, innovation is important but what kind of new products and ideas are they introducing? Is giving a game better controls while beefing up the difficulty a good idea? Yes. Is removing Arcade Mode from Street Fighter V a good idea? No. Is Marvel VS. Capcom 3's hopping cards a good idea? No. It's all about whether these changes are going to do good or not. Sigh Crapcom... how could you kill the childhood of millions?