My Taste For Indian Vegetarian Dishes

I can't deny how much I really like Indian food. Here's a couple of Indian vegetarian dishes you may want to try assuming you have an appetite and/or toleration for spicy food.

Paratha is Indian bread. While curry tastes good with rice but I order paratha to go along with it. It's got that chewy texture and spicy taste that I love. I usually buy frozen ones from the grocery store. Fortunately, there are instructions on how to prepare them but it can get very tricky. 

I normally don't like okra dishes when they're cooked Filipino style. But Indian okra curry happens to be one of my favorites. I guess the mixture of turmeric and the other spices help change the okra's flavor. I do eat okra but I'm not too fond of it unless it's prepared as okra curry.

I want to call this vegetarian curry as Indian chopsuey. While I do like chicken curry but I tend to long for meatless curry.

I may enjoy the way Chinese, Japanese and Filipino do tofu dishes but there are times I want to have spicy food. Tofu curry is a good retreat from the traditional way of preparing tofu dishes.