Well-Implemented Innovative Concepts Sadly Won't Prevent Taste Fatigue Formation!

Do you ever feel what it's like to be an old customer of a certain product? I thought I lost interest in some stuff that I like. It's like that you've eaten in some of your favorite restaurants or played certain video game series for a long time. Even if the brand may yet to suffer from franchise fatigue anybody can experience the problem called taste fatigue. It tends to happen that a new release can attract in a lot of new customers but old customers may just be momentarily bored.

I sometimes feel like I don't like certain forms of entertainment or food product anymore. But in reality, I was just having taste fatigue. My favorite example would be how I seldom take a break from certain genres of Tokusatsu or just Tokusatsu as a whole. I like Super Sentai and most of its seasons had good offerings. But in-between I get taste fatigue so I choose to abstain for now. It's just like I choose to only watch new school Kamen Rider and some old school Super Sentai. Then when I'm bored with old school then I'm back to new school. It's just like that after I've eaten too much of a certain type of cuisine I back out. Even if my favorite Chinese dimsum presents new delicious ways to cook its meals but I'd abstain from it when I get taste fatigue. What I do is I widen my scope a bit and I soon try other stuff like Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern, Japanese or South Korean dishes then I take a U-turn back to Chinese cuisine. 

But what I'm glad is that it's not all about me. It's all about bringing in new customers in with new methods and gimmicks. Old customers may soon back out for personal reasons and later return after a short time but we can't deny how innovation brings in the new customers. There are times I feel like I'm the bored old customer who just needs a break. Then I find myself longing for the stuff that I took a break from because the taste fatigue is gone. Too bad that well-made innovation just couldn't prevent taste fatigue for old customers while it brings in new customers. It's never been a question of old school or new school but it's a question of quality of how things were implemented. Then again, something gets obsolete then it's time to move on.