Mandopop/Cantopop Covers Of Japanese Pop Songs Don't Usually Sound Better To Me

Even if I'm of Chinese descent but I'll admit that as much as I prefer Chinese food over Japanese food but there are some things Japanese do better. I'd like to present the cover then the original. You can go ahead and think that the cover is better but I think the original Japanese is better.

Here's Leslie Cheung's licensed cover of the hit song "Monica". As much as I'm a fan of his music but I don't think his rendition miles better than Koji Kikkawa's version...

Here's Koji Kikkawa's rendition of the Japanese pop song "Monica". Kikkawa himself has a better voice and passion than Cheung in this area. While Cheung himself has had a lot of good songs but I don't think he reaches Kikkawa's performance level.

Is it me or do most Japanese singers show better vocals than Chinese singers? While Chinese entertainment usually presents better action than Japanese entertainment but I usually like Japanese music over Chinese music. I can enjoy the Mandarin or Cantonese cover but most of the time, the Japanese original just sounds more beautiful and this is coming from a guy who enjoys Chinese series more than Japanese series... somebody who'd watch Wuxia series over Tokusatsu.