The First Playstation: Lots Of Cool Games But Slow Loading Times!

As a 90s child, a Playstation was part of a child's wish list. I remembered getting one somewhere in the late 90s and there were some really cool games. I got addicted to a lot of them to the point my grades dropped considerably. I remembered there were a lot of cool games to play such as Croc, the original Crash Bandicoot series (before the franchise got bastardized), I remembered the time that Capcom didn't suck yet and cheat devices (which I may sorely miss while playing the old school games on a new school system in this time and age) are among a few stuff I could recall about the 90s.

But there was one problem with the PS1. Slow loading times. After I got a Playstation 2 and later a Playstation 3 (still not getting a Playstation 4 for now) I appreciated how the faster loading times got added. The first Playstation was indeed innovative in its own way and a lot of its games helped revolutionize the gaming industry. I was glad that I never got a Nintendo 64 (which the cartridge was just so limited) in contrast to the Playstation. As much as the CD was a cool thing but the slow loading times can get so annoying.

I could remember how I played several games and I said, "Come on, LOAD!" I didn't have that much of a problem with its predecessors. Yet if it wasn't for the first Playstation, I don't think we'd get the gaming industry revolutionized. Fortunately, CD-Roms gave way to DVD-Roms then DVD-Roms to Blue Rays. From that point on loading times were sped up considerably. Right now the games could be downloaded (for a fee) from the Playstation Network.

What are your memories with this now obsolete system?