How I Started To Appreciate Subs Over Dubs!

I remembered watching dubbed shows as a child. I remembered watching the Bioman English dub, the Maskman Tagalog dub and just about almost every Toku dub. When the Power Rangers invasion came I just thought, "SCREW IT!" to the TV networks. Then there were dubs of Taiwanese drama, Korean drama and Japanese drama. I just watched them out of curiosity and found out that they're miles better than the telebasuras of ABiaS-CBN and GMA-7. No show is perfect but better than those stupid telebasuras that rot the brain.

My world shook by the time I started watching fan subs and official subs of Chinese, Korean or Japanese movie or series. I didn't like to read the subs at first because it was painful to my eyes. But the more I watched non-English shows with subs the more I appreciated the language. Even before I started watching subs I started to nitpick some problems that a lot of dubs have. Weak voice actors and lips don't match. But having reliable English subtitles soon made me realize that stuff get lost in translation a lot more during dubs. I don't blame the dubbers especially when they've got such a hectic work schedule. Subbers may have more time than the dubbers do.

While it wasn't easy to read subs at first but it was worth it. There may be good dubbers but I still feel it's not as good. The satisfaction may also lead you can get interested with learning another language. What's your views with dubs vs. subs?


  1. I never watch dubs.
    I watch subs sometimes if they exist (but often they are not good, either!)
    I usually watch original language.
    It is worth to to learn some Japanese!


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