The Problem Of Having Jim Paredes-Minded People In Certain Fanbases

After the incident involving the really stupid Jim Paredes (who's just shown a lot of reasons why healthy minded Filipinos have every right to disregard him), it's time to talk about the Jim Paredes-minded fanbase. Take note that "Jim Paredes-minded" is just an informal term that I use to describe such people in certain fanbases. They're a couple of control freaks who act like they own or control a certain fanbase and only they should be heard and that only they know about the certain fanbase.

Jim Paredes-minded members of any fanbase tend to say that I like this then you should also like this. Instead of convincing people why people should like what they like in the best way possible - they act childish towards others and force their views towards them. Such people get offended when others don't share their preferences. They can violently react at others' opinions or even force them to agree with them or else. They can make a lot of unsubstantiated claims like Paredes did just to feed their Paredes-minded egos in one way or another. They think their preferences are the best and that everyone else' doesn't count. They may even ask other people to stop sharing different views because they're "so hurt" never mind they're actually the ones hurting others with their stupidity and arrogance like Paredes did during the EDSA celebration.

So what example of Jim Paredes-minded people can I bring up? In the past, I remembered how I argued a lot as a child like Paredes did when it came to a lot of stuff on television or video games. While there are stuff you can't enjoy together (ex. dirty places vs. clean places, good vs. evil) but these are stuff that can be enjoyed together even if they're direct competition in some way (ex. JPop and KPop, Netherrealm games  and Namco-Bandai games). But for the Paredes-minded person everything is in black and white never mind that there are gray areas or that sometimes you're just quarreling with people on the same boat. What's worse some of these people who argue like Paredes are actually adults instead of children. Like Paredes may be a senior citizen but his mindset is still that of a toddler. I don't care what degrees or education he has because he's certainly still acting like a kindergarten. Many people have high intelligence but are very stupid at the same time because they lack common sense. What an irony that some people have a degree but don't have a brain.

What's worse is that Paredes-minded people tend to play dirty with other people. Just as Paredes himself appeared with numbers to harass a few numbers of Duterte youths, these fanbases tend to gang up on someone as much as possible. Other tactics they have include smearing other people with misrepresenting other people and name calling. They can go ahead and play the expert thinking they know everything and make a lot of unsubstantiated claims. Such people are indeed a problem and should be considered as the black sheep of any fanbases. Either they get out of their Jim Paredes-mindedness or end up like being like Paredes - an old man with the mind of worse than toddler in a candy store.