Reliving Some Childhood Nostalgic Moments In The Digital Age

I'm amazed that somehow, I'm able to relive nostalgic moments but in a more modern way. It just made me think of how the 90s shows are close to me in some way. Moments of the 90s can be remembered with listening to 80s-90s music, watching some of those shows in the 90s (but some of them were produced in the 80s) but there were also frustrations alongside them. So what are these frustrations back in the 90s?

Who can remember borrowing betamax tapes and returning them every week on time to avoid a penalty? Who can remember waking up during Saturday mornings on a particular time or miss that episode of a cartoon show? Who can remember crying in frustration because you had to study for a test and the most exciting episode of your favorite show is airing? Who can remember your cassette tape's ribbons getting swallowed by the cassette player? Those were among the frustrations of the low-tech era and I remembered them. I'm just glad that these frustrations are gone.

I want to relive some nostalgia but not entirely as it is. Thankfully, the digital age is able to relive nostalgia with less frustration. Shows and films you watched as a child may now be available in DVD format and has a high chance of being remastered in HD. It entered my head that it's pretty nostalgic to get a DVD of a show you used to watch as a child. It may also be nostalgic to digitally download video games you enjoyed a lot in your childhood now that online gaming is the trend. In my case, watching fan subs of Japanese shows I used to watched dubbed version of the shows. Only this time the nostalgia is relived with the true Japanese audio and subtitles which makes makes me partly regret why I even got entertained by the poorly done dub. Other nostalgia relived is listening to a lot of old songs on i-Tunes or an MP3 player.

I'm just reminded of how many times old school music with the original singer keeps getting a new medium. It's already 2017 and yet a song as old as the 60s got digitally reformatted. It's already 2017 and I could enjoy a movie or series in 1997 on DVD or digital downloadable format. It's pretty much a lot of enjoying nostalgia without the hassle. It also allows me to watch old school shows at my own pace while I have to wait for next week's episode for any new school series. It's reliving one's past with modern equipment like as if these modern technology are a time machine in their own way.

Any moments in the past you want to relive in this digital age?