Satirical News: Leni Robredo Calls For Banning Nickelodeon's "The Loud House"

Leni Robredo decided to be "relevant" yet again by proposing to ban a new cartoon series by Nickelodeon called "The Loud House". She admitted that "The Loud House" has been a insult to her due to one of its characters known as Leni Loud. Worse, the hashtags #LeniLoud have been making fun of her as of late.

It was discovered that Leni has called the character an insult to her character. She said that she lost the people's not ever since "The Loud House" was used to make fun of her. Loida Nicolas Lewis also called Nickelodeon to cancel The Loud House before it will do further damage to Leni if it is not banned in the Philippines.

"I cannot believe I have been compared by Dutertrolls to Leni Loud. I am nothing like Leni Loud." said Leni in an interview.

Netizens have been using Leni Loud as a comparison to Leni Robredo. Some netizens use the fact that Leni Loud has a big mouth because she knows almost nothing and is a fashionista to compare the cartoon character to Leni Robredo.

The statement was simply turned down by the Senate. They said it is too petty an issue to ban "The Loud House" all because Leni Robredo is offended by the character named Leni Loud.

Stay tuned for further developments.