I Love Laurel And Hardy's Old School Comedy

I remembered watching the Laurel and Hardy cartoon. I watched it at first like every other little child would watch the 1966 cartoon. I had no idea it was THAT old. I can remember watching the cartoon series and enjoying the comedy value. But there was something that was even older than the cartoon. 

There was the Laurel and Hardy live-action comedy series. I saw both the colored and non-colorized versions though I prefer to watch it colorized. I had no idea that they were the same late actors in the 1934 film called "Babes in Toyland". I had no idea that both Laurel and Hardy were actually both the late Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy playing as themselves in a series of fictional scenarios. I had no idea that both were dead by the time the Hanna Barbera cartoon came out.

I enjoyed both the cartoon but I thought the live version was funnier. It was a brilliant combination of live action and cartoon humor. Even if it's a live comedy but a lot of scenes there are meant only for cartoons. Maybe that's the charm of the cartoon series. It takes a real genius to produce such a hard-hitting comedy. I guess this is among some very old shows that have aged well in my own watch. Now only if I could rewatch the series one of these days.