I'd Probably Keep An Open Mind And Watch Beauty And The Beast 2017?

I admit I wrote it that I have stupid reasons to skip two movies based on my childhood. But I thought about one of the two movies. I have no intention to watch the Power Rangers movie (and I'm not surprised with the drop). On the other hand, I could give Beauty and the Beast's remake a chance.

I thought about how stupid the reason is if I'm not watching Beauty and the Beast all because Belle ain't so hot. But there are some interesting plot points (and minus points) which either way, Beast sort of reminds me of me. I have to admit that the inner Belle is more important. Emma Watson is not that hot but she still gets the job done.

The original version sort of made Beast a lustful creature. All he mentions is how pretty Belle is and how ugly he is. He probably decided to give her a better room because of her beauty. I thought that maybe Beast has a perverted side that couldn't be shown in the film. 

The remake version has a deeper part in it. Beast's doubt about her because her father is a "common thief" which he wasn't gives it depth. This does develop tensions when Beast realizes that Belle is given a room. Belle tries to escape. I felt like Beast here though lacks the same force the original had. He does look like he could be borderline abusive. 

The remake also provides some answers that the original failed to give. It turns out that the enchantress erased the memories of the village about the castle or that Beast was an adult when the curse happened. The original had some timeline issues like how in the world was Chip still a child after ten years? We also see Belle's mother who was never mentioned in the original movie. Gaston doesn't look too stupid in this one either. I also felt that not making Beast unlearn his reading ability since he was still biologically human made a little more sense if you ask me.