South India's Fabulous Dosa

One of my favorite craze for today is Indian cooking. I thought I'd actually write about my adventure with eating dosa which the batter takes some time to make but it's worth the wait. 

Above is a video of how to make dosa batter at home. It's not an easy process to let the batter ferment overnight and mass producing it isn't easy. There may be a lot of new technology available to help but you can't rush perfection with making this delicious treat.

The result comes out as a delicious type of non-dessert pancake. It appears to be thin as paper but the making process isn't easy. Although some restaurants may serve it without stuffing but I prefer to have the stuffing. It's usually served alongside with a spicy soup called sambar. It would be great to have ginger tea along with it. 

Some of my favorite stuffing for dosa would be mashed potato curry, paneer (cottage cheese) or tofu. While dosa isn't necessarily a vegetarian treat but I prefer eating it without meat. I may enjoy meat dishes but when it comes to Indian cuisine I usually prefer the vegetarian treat.