Satirical News: Josie Rizal Speaking In English Instead Of Tagalog Angers Some Filipino Gamers

The release of Tekken 7 last June 2, 2017 for the Playstation 4 brought in a mixed bag. Many Pinoy pridists who play Tekken were excited for the first time to have a Filipino character in Tekken 7. What happened after the launching was that many heard Josie speak in English instead of Tagalog. This caused an outrage among them launching a boycott Tekken 7 for supposed "cultural erasure".

Katsuhiro Harada's Twitter account got hit by a lot of Filipino gamers for not making Josie their first Filipino character speak in Tagalog. Many of the comments were written in Tagalog. This caused Harada to be boggled. Filipino employees at Namco translated all the messages to be full of indecency. The result was that Harada blocked these gamers. This concern hit both Microsoft and Sony on the indecency that was caused.

"I can't believe how everyone is making too much of a fuzz about this. Maybe we should make Balat Sibuyas as a new DLC. But wait, they should wait for Tekken 7: Philippine Edition. That edition has Josie Rizal speaking in Tagalog and it will feature unique storylines not found in the original game. Why is everyone getting so worked out on Jose speaking English instead of Tagalog? At least some Filipinos weren't like those who attacked me on Twitter and are willing to help me report all their fellow countrymen who are doing the same." said Harada in an interview with various gaming networks.

Playstation Network released its official statement that they have not forgotten that they suspended Nobita Aquino's PSN account. They are considering that they may suspend certain Filipino players who have a PSN account if they got involved in trolling Harada's Twitter. Microsoft Network also mentioned that they may do the same action as Playstation Network. Whether or not suspension of certain PSN or Microsoft Network accounts of Filipinos caught guilty of attacking Harada is still underway. Some whose names were verified are Marbobo Roxas, Raissa Robles, Joseph Pabaya, Butcher Abad, Maria Ressa, Kris Aquino, Joshua Aquino Salvador and Nobita Aquino. Other trolls are yet to be verified.

Stay tuned for further developments.