Satirical News: Amos Yee Slapped By Angry Filipinos In America

As if the slap by Neo Gim Huah in Singapore was not enough, it was reported that Amos Yee got slapped in the United States by angry Filipinos. He was last seen eating snacks in Starbucks with Manang Loida Nicolas Lewis aka Tandang Gurang and Aika Gerona Robredo, daughter of Leni Loud Robredo. They were seen discussing on his would be privilege speech in Ateneo De Manila University. Unfortunately, this did not sit well with some Filipinos in America who are either migrants or overseas workers. 

The result was that after Yee got out of Starbucks was that he was immediately followed by a gang slap assault. The group of angry Filipinos fled the scene after they all gave him a huge slap several times in a row. The whole incident resulted in a mob that ran off after they all took turns in slapping him.

One Filipino who was working in the U.S. who did not want to be revealed said, "I decided to slap Amos Yee. I have had enough of how the Liberal Party has caused thirty plus years of suffering. I am an OFW and I am not happy with it. Yee keeps saying the Philippines should stay as it is? He keeps badmouthing Lee Kwan Yew and now President Duterte? 'Tangina mo Amos Yee!"

Yee was soon angry. He was intervened by CNN Philippines. He said, "Sheesh, they never know how much of a tyranny Singapore is. Filipinos are in the danger of having another Lee Kwan Yew. It is my chance to shine by speaking at the Ateneo De Manila University to tell everyone how horrible Singapore is and how the Philippines should remain the same."

Mrs. Lewis herself planned to help Yee in his charges. It was later confirmed that he got some money from Mrs. Lewis as part of his talent fee and hotel accommodation in the Philippines. She is also willing to help him sue the people who slapped him in public. She said, "Poor boy, this is really the problem. President Duterte has become a madman. The proof is that he got slapped by Filipinos in America who all support the current president of the Philippines."

Stay tuned for further developments of this uproar!