#TBT: I Enjoyed Some Cartoon Shows Much Older Than I Am When I Was Little

It's been several years already and one of the many things I remember would be watching old school cartoons when it was the 90s. I remembered they were introduced to me by my elders. So what can I remember? Here's some of them that I can remember and I wonder if I would still want to rewatch them. 

The wonderful crazy world of Tex Avery was definitely one of those shows that got my attention. I remembered a couple of crazy characters like Droopy and Screwball Squirrel. Yes, those were very old cartoons and seeing them in standard definition, Betamax or VHS was the thing back then. I can't FORGET just how crazy this was. I remembered a few ones like A Symphony in Slang, some crazy TV models and car models which will remain as innovative writing but not as scientific innovation. 

There was also the world of Disney before it ruined my childhood with really bad stuff. I had no idea that some of the Disney episodes I watched were shown during the 1930s to 1940s. Some of these involve the Silly Symphonies. It was a time before Miley Cyrus or any Disney girl I dislike ruined the atmosphere. I still think about how much I think of how I hate New School Disney for ruining my childhood. Right now, I really feel mixed looking at my childhood.

There was also the 1930s Flescher cartoons. I haven't seen much or remember much but I'm amazed it's that old. Perhaps the only one I could remember are the Cobweb Hotel or the infamous Humpy Dumpty one. That episode where Humpty Dumpty was a greedy king who wanted to reach the sun but ended up breaking himself in the end. 

Not to mention, I still have a hard time believing how old Looney Tunes really is and how often it innovated to the times. They are a cast of actors placed in standalone episodes where continuity is hardly a reality. I remembered watching the wartime cartoons as a child. I find it still funny how I could be watching something that my elders may have not watched because of the Japanese occupation. Then I remind myself Imperial Japan already sank and we're enjoying a lot thanks to Modern Japan.


Just thinking about it that it's already 2017 these are already very old. A lot of World War 2 survivors are now gone. Just for the sake of thinking about how much time has passed, I still want to play the song "Long Long Ago 20th Century" from Kamen Rider BLACK in remembering the good old days.