My Stupid Reasons For Wanting To Watch Mulan 2018?

I guess this is where my superficial mind strikes again doesn't it? I remembered having two really dumb reasons to skip two films based on my childhood this year. The reasons can be summed up as because Kimberly and Belle are nowhere near as hot as their original counterparts. Now, it's time to think of one SUPER DUMB REASON for me to watch the Mulan remake. I know, I've been throwing dirty fingers at Disney for ruining my childhood but I'm having a dumb reason to try and watch it is because Mulan will be way hotter than the original version.

I gave a thought on how I really didn't find Emma Watson to have that charm. Maybe I can't stand how her version of Belle doesn't fit my type or what? I ended up rewatching the 1991 version of the film for quite the dumb reason that the animated Belle is way hotter than the live version. For any valid reason, I still feel the original animated version has way more charm than what Emma has to offer.

It's too early for me to judge on how the Mulan 2018 film will be in terms of quality. I better just wait and see it. Then again, my extreme favoritism for Yi Fei over Emma Watson is widely evident. =P