Remembering The Frustration That's MS-DOS

I remembered the days of the MS-DOS era. Yes, there was the joy of the MS-DOS gaming era but the MS-DOS was something that its creators would eventually get rid of. Just like game cartridges, Betamax and VHS it was going to be the end of the MS-DOS era soon enough. I remembered how the MS-DOS era was pretty much a hassle.

There's the frustration of typing commands and changing directories. You had to type WIN at MS-DOS to start the Windows application. Later, Windows when it's installed will start automatically. What was also good was that the end of the MS-DOS era meant this - installing new software was easier as you weren't limited to just the keyboard. Ironic how some MS-DOS games required you to use a mouse, right?

For the end of MS-DOS it's something to think how Microsoft ended it and why it had to end. Bill Gates knew it was time to end something. He couldn't rely on past successes as the chairman of the board of Microsoft. I'm glad the MS-DOS era is over though I'm going to miss some of the old games played in that system. Fortunately, there's still emulators though where you can play them but as said, I've grown tired of PC gaming these days.