Satirical News: Leah Navarro Complains That Christmas And New Year Is Not Complete Without Firecrackers

Leah Navarro finally spoke about how the firecracker control policy has destroyed Philippine democracy. She recently posted on social media where she said, "It's an upsetting thing how the firecracker ban was implemented. During Noynoy's time, we could celebrate with firecrackers. Now we've lost that freedom. Filipinos can never celebrate both Christmas and New Year without firecrackers. Worse, it has to be supervised by the police in designated areas. Where's all the fun if you can't have firecrackers in your house?"

The post by Navarro met an ire among Filipinos who have had enough of firecracker injuries. Many have cited how the firecracker can has allowed people to celebrate Christmas and New Year better. Among the many tweets raised up against her are the issues on firecracker-related injuries, people who want to get a good rest on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, houses burning down, how people can't concentrate on whatever tasks they are doing due to the noise caused by firecrackers.

"Let's see how Leah Navarro would want her house to be burned down by a firecracker explosion. How would she like it if she wanted some rest because she's sick but she can't get it because of the firecrackers' noise and smoke? Worse, how would she like to be injured because somebody threw a firecracker at her?" said PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa in an interview.

She was soon seen in a battle in social media. She ended up blocking up to 100,000 Filipinos who criticized her for her reckless statement. She also failed to recruit people to join her in Jim Paredes' proposal of a "Light a Firecracker Against Duterte" movement.

Stay tuned for further details.