Satirical News: Stephen Sackur Schedules BBC HARDTalk Interview With Pinoy Ako Blog's Jover Laurio This April 1, 2018

After several months of the BBC Interview where Jover Laurio appears -- it finally raised some attention when BBC HARDTalk's Stephen Sackur expressed his desire to interview Laurio. He has had some Filipino employees and translators translate the content of Pinoy Ako Blog into English so he could begin his interview with Laurio.

Laurio soon made a statement and said, "I am honored that Stephen Sackur of BBC HARDTalk will give me his time slot this April 1, 2018. I would be the representative of the Filipino people as I will expose all the fake news of the Duterte Administration. I will tell the world how much we need help. Thanks Sackur for accommodating me in your slot."

She was soon rallied by supporters like Jim Paredes, Florin Hilbay, Agot Isidro, Leah Navarro and Cynthia Patay as her scheduled interview has arrived.

However, Sackur gave a warning, "You have to be on time for the interview or consider your slot forfeited! I don't believe in your so-called Filipino time!"

Stay tuned for further developments!