TBT: That Really Super Annoying Spelunker Game

It's Throwback Thursday and I want to talk about one of the worst things that came out of Retro Gaming -- it's that accursed Spelunker Game. I could remember the time I owned the 190 in 1 cartridge for the Family Computer during the 90s and played it there. This was one game I really got SOOOOO frustrated one way or another.

Unfortunately, Square Enix as they developed this sequel didn't make any things better. Wow, I understand the need for "realism" but isn't it that the unrealistic logic of video games contributes to the fun factor? Honestly, I can't help but think that WTF is wrong with the developers? This game is so horrendous at so many levels! Sure it has better graphics and new mechanics now but WTF -- the game is still TOO HARD to play even when we're in the digital age. At least other new school games are hard to play but they are compensated by easier controls. This game gives you NEITHER of them. ARGH!

Yup, as said some old school games are better forgotten if they never gave any real contribution to the road of innovation.