Keziah Daum Has The Right To Wear A Red Qipao

It's just absolutely crazy to accuse this American teen of racism for wearing a qipao for this reason -- she was NOT making fun of Chinese culture. Is it me or are some Chinese who descended from Chinese migrants STILL that oversensitive like asking for Miley Cyrus a HUGE fine for her squinty eye gesture? Sure, I got furious with Cyrus for it but the fine was too much. 

From ABC News, we read this nonsense:
Keziah Daum, an 18-year-old senior at Woods Cross High School, Utah, received backlash after she posted photos of her dressed in a red qipao, a traditional Chinese dress, on prom night. 
After she posted them online, many on Twitter were quick to criticize her choice of wardrobe, accusing her of appropriating the Chinese culture, given she is not of Chinese descent. 
One of the first criticisms came from a Chinese American student who shared Daum’s post on Twitter with the caption “My culture is NOT your g------ prom dress,” pointing out the origins of qipao and its significance within a marginalized minority.

Sadly whoever that Chinese-American student is -- that person is clearly missing the point! Is it an act of cultural discrimination if we see Filipinos dress up as their favorite Japanese or Korean characters? No! It's not an act of discrimination. She's having an act of what I'd call cultural appreciation.

It's like saying Lee Hsien Long is racist against Filipinos because he wore the barong to the ASEAN. It was however appropriate because of the host country is indeed the Philippines. Then again, I won't have a problem if Lee himself decided to wear a barong at a formal event in Singapore. No, it's part of cultural appreciation. It's really enjoyable to think how people can wear different attires out of cultural appreciation. What Daum did is no different -- she was simply appreciating Chinese culture. 

Kudos to Daum for her cultural appreciation!