TBT: Remembering Hasbro As Part Of My Childhood

Just this time, I read that Power Rangers is selling Power Rangers to Hasbro. This gets me freaked out just thinking about the whole circle from the 90s such as Toei, Saban, Disney, Marvel, DC, DiC -- where some of them actually ruined my childhood during the later years. Then I think of my childhood with Hasbro and what it really meant.

When Hasbro comes to mind, I think about some of my favorite shows back in the 90s which I could remember are Transformers, G.I.Joe, Conan the Adventurer, Glo Friends, My Little Pony, Potato Head Kids, Beast Wars: Transformers, Jem, Inhumanoids and Maxie's World (though this was because I had a crush on an obviously not real character) to name a few of this.

My favorite Hasbro shows would be G.I.Joe, Transformers and the highly successful Conan the Adventurer. I remembered it wasn't much of a fuzz if I missed out a lot of the others. I could remember how I cried and got overly upset whenever I missed an episode of G.I.Joe, Transformers and Conan the Adventurer. I had a strange devotion to those shows especially with Conan the Adventurer. I sort of had a devotion to Conan (the cartoon one) without realizing his original counterpart was way too different.

Right now, I just felt like writing about my memories with Hasbro especially with Haim Saban's decision to sell the now deteriorating Power Rangers to Hasbro.