It's Not Worth It Pleasing Those "You Gotta Have This Or You're Out Of Our Gang" Kind Of Peers

Perhaps one of the problems that anybody can pass out as a child is when they gotta "have this and that" or they're out. I thought about a couple of stuff I wanted this and that -- never mind that they would one day be obsolete. It reminded me how I envied some of my rather spoiled rotten peers whose parents tend to give them everything they wanted, celebrated lavish birthday parties, had really expensive cars -- while I was stuck with somewhat outdated parents or not.

Are they really my friends or not? I just wanted to fit in never mind how fair-weathered such people will be. I soon learned that somehow I had better-off peers who still liked me for me and didn't have everything they always wanted. I remembered holding too many grudges because I never had a Super NES -- never mind that it'd go obsolete or that the Playstation One had better features except for slow loading times. I'm somewhat glad I never had a Super NES or Nintendo 64 though I somewhat find myself still wanting to play games I never played as a child.

I soon saw a lot of stuff I wanted in the 90s get obsolete. Have a Super NES? It's no longer as cool as it was as it's obsolete. The Playstation One may have had slow loading times but boy the gameplay, graphics and sounds were so much better. Then the Playstation 2 came out making the 16-bit Super NES which I once so coveted so much back in the 90s even more obsolete. Then I think about how many stuff I wanted just got obsolete. Wow, I'm just glad I never had all of those stuff or I'd be living with a junk pile! I was glad I never joined those gangs either for one reason -- they never like people for who they are but only for what they have. 

I think about what happened to these "you gotta have this or you're out of our gang" kind of peers. I find them to have been sunk in the sad reality that they never earned anything on their own. I may not be living on top but I thought of the satisfying feeling when I'm not given everything I wanted. It made me value the stuff I want and got them without begging for them. I may not have all the time or capacity to get what I want all the while I feel happy for others for whatever good happens.