My Recent Dilemma On Writing Weekly Episode Reviews VS. Updating On Recent Shows At A Slower Pace

I was thinking about my move last 2016 when I started doing Zyuohger reviews or when I started doing Gokaiger reviews last 2011 -- then I practically STOPPED because I thought my friendly rivals were covering things up for me. Then I thought WTF what's a friendly rivalry or friendly competition if I don't decide to contest their reviews and show my own review and learn from them? After all, every episode review has the writer showing the facts and their personal opinions towards certain episodes. I have my own views too towards the facts!

This year, I want to focus on Lupin vs. Pat while last year had me focus on Kyuranger episode reviews. I decided to try giving Build episode reviews a shot yet it sort of drained me out trying to do so. Trying to find the best screenshots, the best style of writing and right now, I want to examine how friendly rivals do their episode reviews. I admit, I indirectly declared Sentai Bandicoot as a friendly rival. Dryed Mangoez has long posts which I think I could try and learn from it -- though my own style may be to avoid making episode reviews to unbearable lengths. So far, UkiyaSeed's episode reviews in the past seem to click for me and I tend to follow his style. On the other hand, I wonder if Sentai Bandicoot's Gingaman reviews are somewhat more concise and minimalist than mine -- just one picture above it! But I kinda like having some more screenshots here and there -- though my recent Lupin vs. Pat posts are trying to use less pictures.

I was thinking about reading through Dramabeans' team of episode reviewers. I admit, they do write lengthy reviews but granted, it's a ONE HOUR episode so it's going to be longer than my Lupin vs. Pat reviews. I think trying to do a bit of Lupin vs. Pat then Build then latest K-Drama review will be burdensome. Not to mention, if I'm on a marathon of some shows I haven't watched this decade -- I'd rather do a post when I reach something that interests me or a half of the show. It's really something to think about that writing a good review isn't really easy. I even feel like I want to do it weekly but again, where's the fun in that?

I'm still watching some recent seasons even when I don't update on them that often. I'm still watching Kamen Rider Build even if I've stopped giving weekly updates in the form of episode reviews. Right now, I'm just doing a mix of both. I wouldn't be surprised if I suddenly decided to slow down on Lupin vs. Pat updates in the form of episode reviews to devote myself to K-Drama episode reviews. I mean, I don't like Toku that much these days even when I still think that an OG fan can still enjoy it. I stopped writing Kamen Rider Build episode reviews and only giving updates when I feel like, "Finally the plot moves forward." Then again, I could have scheduled the reviews or even just slowly wrote the reviews. It's a confusing thing and I still feel confused on what to do next.

But as said, I'm enjoying the shows. I guess a mixture of these two can help me. At least, I can ease things down. Maybe, I could actually just rant on What's Wrong With Secretary Kim every Friday or what -- without really writing a super lengthy commentary on it. I mean, longer isn't always better, right? Hmmm... I hope this crazy rant helps!