Satirical News: Crazed Liberal Party Filipino Expat Living In Australia Plans To Launch Book Called "The Success Story Of 4Ps"

A Filipino ex-pat living in Australia who had graduated a degree in Mathematics decades ago named Oscar Palamuras decided to launch a new book called "The Success Story of 4Ps". He was a known loyalist of the Aquinos and the Liberal Party. His book was written in defense of the Department of Social Welfare and Development's 4Ps Program. 4Ps means Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or "Bridging the Filipino Family Program" in English.

The new book features the following lectures on what 4Ps means will be for the Philippine economy. He says that his degree in Mathematics and systems management allowed him to come up with the book that defends 4Ps as a feasible government program and investment. Here's the outline of the book:
  • An Introduction to 4Ps
  • Rice and kangkong gets jobs through 4Ps
  • Aggregate demand given by 4Ps
  • How giving money to the poor gives a 3x return to the government
  • The magical 5.88 multiplier effect thanks to 4Ps
  • Countries can do without foreign investors but not 4Ps
  • Why infrastructure projects will not be as feasible as 4Ps
  • 4Ps made the first world countries rich and not foreign investors
  • Conclusion: How to make 4Ps work for your country

Palamuras and his wife Marilyn Nadedma-Palamuras are invited to speak at the University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila. The book itself will be launched on August 1, 2018 just in time for the Imperial Manila month. Palamuras also wants to challenge all members of CoRRECT Philippines to a one-on-one debate as he continues to insist that the 1987 Constitution should remain based on a hundred years experience argument.

Stay tuned for further details!