Satirical News: Leni Loud Robredo Dismissed From Patrick Star Hospital, Doctors Warn Her No More Photo Ops Under The Rain

Leni Loud Robredo was admitted to the Patrick Star Hospital days ago and she was released today. Doctors say that her pneumonia was nothing to worry about. As she got out of the hospital -- she was attended to by news reporters who are now asking questions regarding the ongoing electoral protest. Others came to cheer for her while others jeered as she got out of the Patrick Star Hospital. Some even wish she died from the pneumonia.

One of the doctors at the Patrick Star Hospital said, "Leni Loud Robredo should have not done that photo-ops under the rain. The more she insists in doing her stunts, the more she is really going to put herself in danger. Good thing the pneumonia wasn't really that serious. But we had to check her in because we wanted to check how much of her brain is left."

Doctors confirm that Leni Loud herself has been too stubborn about not doing photo-ops under the rain. Medical results have shown that Leni Loud now only has 25% of her brain left. 75% of her brain is gone and is replaced by air. She may be in the state of mental decay that may soon make her unfit to be the vice president.

Stay tuned for further developments.