Do You Remember Wok With Yan?

Wok With Yan featured Stephen Yan -- a Canadian-Chinese cooking show host. I could remember watching him with his rather awkward English considering that he was born and raised in Hong Kong before he became a Canadian. Sometimes, I wish that he ended up becoming Filipino instead of Canadian because of the popularity of his show in the Philippines.

Speaking of Canadians, I remembered the time when there was the Chinese immigration to Canada during the 80s because Hong Kong was soon to be turned over from British control to Chinese control. I don't blame them for doing so even if China during that time was already starting to enjoy Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms -- yet no one can deny China is still a dictatorship. So I guess that's how a lot of Chinese ended up having other nationalities as a result, right?

For me, I don't find the whole way Chinese were portrayed in some American cartoons to be racist with their accent. I mean, it's true that early Chinese immigrants did have that strange accent because they were totally learning a new language. It's only the later generation Chinese who were already considered Westerners by birth and upbringing that got the accent right. Yet, we can't deny that Wok with Yan was definitely a bridge between East and West. He always made fun of the word "wok" in his show -- I guess he was never afraid to make fun of himself either.