I Remembered Watching The Educational Cartoon Called The Many Dream Journeys Of Meme

It was back in my simple childhood -- back when it was those "good old days" or not. There was one Japanese cartoon that was intended to educate -- it was called "The Many Dream Journeys of Meme". It was Tagalog dubbed on ABC-5 in the Philippines as "Miem". Unlike most of the other shows I watched for nonsense -- this was pretty educational.

A mysterious creature named Meme would pop out and narrate the story of certain discoveries. She would pop out of the personal computer to help in the events. She helps out both siblings Daisuke and Sayaka in their research about important figures.

So far, I have a very blur memory of this one considering I was only seven or eight when I watched this one. But I hope this is one of those great days that can be relived or even remastered. I feel this is part of my childhood that helped me cope up with troubled times.