Remembering The PS2: It Was A Lot Of Fun Last Decade

Yes, it's official -- the one time game system that was coveted by so many children and teenagers 18 years ago is DEAD. That's right! I just gave a thought about how the PS2 finally met its end. I remembered getting a PS2 a few years after it was released -- I think it was on 2006 or so. I remembered just how the graphic interphase, the much better loading speed and bigger performance than its predecessor amazed me. It was really my time to complete a broken childhood by getting some games that I never played before through anniversary disks -- such as Megaman X Collection, Megaman Anniversary Collection, Sonic Collection and play some games that I liked so much.

So what was with the PS2? I just can't get over how many cool games it had. Right now, it's really sad to know that after 18 years -- the system is finally dead. It's like how the PS1 is finally dead -- though I still dread the very slow loading times it had but it had a load of fun games. I couldn't get over how I actually had fun with my peers talking about some of our favorite games with each other. There were fun times talking about like how Tekken 5 perfected the Tekken formula in contrast to Tekken 4, how Megaman X8 corrected Megaman X7 or Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks corrected what Mortal Kombat: Special Forces couldn't.

It's really something to think about just how it is. Right now, I have a PS3 and am now planning to get a PS4 now that Pro is out. I remembered how I enjoyed my PS3, I enjoyed playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (and I enjoy using a depowered Jinpachi) all the while I can't forget how I had the satisfaction and frustration of beating Jinpachi (who was unplayable) in Tekken 5. There's always the fact that things must move forward yet there's the sense of nostalgia. On the other hand, I still feel like I can finally do without playing the 3D era of Mortal Kombat for the PS2 all over again. Mortal Kombat (2011) perfected the formula IMHO with its 2D gameplay (and Stage Fatalities own Death Traps any time) while using Tekken's one button per limb system.

Right now, it's really time to give a period of mourning for those who enjoyed it. I was already a young adult and a College student when I held my hands on it. Right now, it's time to properly mourn for one of Japanese innovation's greatest milestones. RIP PS2 you will be missed by those who once enjoyed you during their time!