That Feeling I Feel When There's No Super Hero Time Next Week?

It's just out of short notice and its this -- there's no Super Hero Time next week! I was thinking about the good old days which made me write about how Kiddie Show Sundays meant a trip to McDonald's (or Jollibee) or how the Super Hero Time jingle makes me feel like a child. It's really something think about that dreaded time of, "What? No Super Hero Time next week?" makes me remember my childhood days when I said, "What, there's no kiddie show Sunday next week?" Although the trip to McDonald's did seldom come or Jollibee -- I still don't want to deny how it just felt void because Kiddie Show Sunday wasn't airing.

This was probably one of the hurdles of the 90s. There was no Internet TV yet. If you had Internet then you had to wait for those agonizing long dial-ups and connecting was VERY HARD. I didn't have Internet in our house during the 90s. There was always this feeling of frustration that you couldn't wait for Sunday but your kiddie show ain't airing. I could remember how the Tagalog dubs of Ucchu Keji Gavan (dubbed as Sky Ranger Gavan) and Chikyu Sentai Fiveman (to name a few) aired on ABC-5 didn't air because of stuff like the Miss Universe pageant or the Raw Power wrestling event. Others also included me getting mad when Conan the Adventurer didn't air because of some stupid sporting event at ABS-CBN but I forgot which one.

Japan ain't spared from it either. The reason why we're not having Super Hero Time for this week is because of the annual relay race Nichiasa pre-emption event. Yup, I imagined myself as a child crying over the silly fact that there's no Super Hero Time. I was thinking of a number of times I wanted to rant on having no Super Hero Time and couldn't come up with one crazy rant to at least help me express myself. Hmmm... at the same time I've got more time for myself and other stuff huh?