The Problem Of Releasing Incomplete, Mediocre Games And Abusing The Download Patch

I just had a thought of how the download patch or the downloadable content (DLC) can be a good thing but it can also be misused and abused. Innovation is a wonderful thing at the hands of competent people but a terrible things at the hands of the incompetent. This is the issue right now I have with video games since the download patch phenomenon finally appeared to fix up mistakes. Sure, it's helpful tool but it's becoming an excuse for game companies to release a BROKEN GAME...

The Killer Instinct reboot (which was done after the franchise was long DEAD for some time during the 90s) did that excuse. Sure, you've got more characters now but let's take at the first season. It should be better called as "Killer Instinct: Broken Edition" because of its utter lack of content! Yes, that was really so inexcusable. Why couldn't they just start making up the game with sufficient content and add minor DLC later? I mean, it could have been cool if all the characters from the first and second game were added at first then later ones are added as minor DLC add ons.

Let's talk about how Mortal Kombat X and Tekken 7 when they were both released. Sure, I may not be so happy with MKX's paid DLC for additional characters hence I bought MKXL instead but at least the game had lots of content even WITHOUT the guest characters. Tekken 7 released with a non-anemic roster and started introducing more free DLC later. Where Tekken 7 stood out was not having the "on your face please buy the character" on the select screen -- something Ed Boon needs to badly take note off before he releases any new game!

One could also think about Street Fighter V during its initial release. Honestly, WTF Capcom or should I say CRAPCOM? The game was released and what -- NO ARCADE MODE? Seriously, isn't it the arcade mode is part of the bare minimum of any fighting game? Unfortunately, that's what is missing in Street Fighter V and later -- you get Street Fighter V Arcade Edition and for what? Buy another disk? Pay extra content? What was Capcom's excuse to be an idiot in its innovative thinking here by NOT giving the basic Arcade Mode?

As said, making people wait for too long for quality content is just crazy. Hopefully, gamers will be fined for this practice of releasing incomplete, mediocre games and just saying, "Well there's the download patch anyway." and worse charging too much for people who already bought the disk!