Der Holle Roche Is One Badass Villain Song

I thought about the time I once watched "The Magic Flute" a stage opera on television during the 90s. If there was one song that actually caught my attention -- it's Der Holle where the Queen of the Night has one very badass villain song! 

Here's the English translation for non-German speakers:

Hell's vengeance boils in my heart;
Death and despair blaze around me!
For if Sarastro feels not the pain of death through thee,
Thence shall thou be my daughter nevermore.

Disowned be thee forever,
Abandoned be thee forever,
Shattered be forever
All the bonds of nature

If it is not through thee that Sarastro turns pale!
Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, gods of vengeance, hear the mother's oath

The song was when the Queen of the Night orders her daughter Pamina to assassinate Sarastro or lest be disowned. I just thought of how cruel the Queen of the Night is that she's willing to even sacrifice her own daughter for her selfish ambitions!

What I like about this song is when the Queen of the Night requires a really badass singer. The part where the queen does some incredibly difficult vocals where she goes "Ahahahahahahahaha!" is my favorite part. That part is probably meant to taunt her daughter Pamina who she feels has betrayed her. Well, the Queen of the Night was eventually banished which allowed Pamina to be with her one true love Tamino