The Problem With Providing Daily Rewards For Games With Online Features

I was thinking that as much as new school games have brought better gameplay -- but it comes with a price! Yup, I'm talking about the problem of online gaming. I was thinking about Mortal Kombat X is better for various reasons such as the addictive "must do Brutality over Fatality" gameplay is just one factor. The other is the Faction Wars and Living Towers -- it's all about losing rewards and gaining rewards depending on how much you participate in these events! 

The addictive factor of Mortal Kombat (2011) may be there but I admit -- most of MK (2011) is on nostalgia value. In fact, you can IGNORE most of the online features and I hardly play online. No daily challenges -- just nostalgia value and your score doesn't even go down. Unfortunately, MKX comes with a huge price with online -- you can just think about how the Daily Tower, Hourly Tower and Premiere Tower present ever changing challenges which can easily get addictive which happens too often. MK (2011) had the ridiculous challenge tower yet one could leave it, do their homework, not play the game for an ENTIRE MONTH and resume to it without losing scores. Unfortunately, MKX's Faction Wars is a much bigger distraction -- you lose a lot after you've spent some time away from the Faction Wars challenges!

Besides, I admit I've started uninstalling several mobile games already due to how they operate on real time. They just immediately get so addictive and leaving it for awhile means your score drops and you missed so many events. Quite a difference when games back then didn't really depend too much on online. I mean, who can remember the good old days when you played the first two Playstation games, left the game for weeks because you had to do your projects and then everyone goes into excite mode after the projects are done and passed and celebrate by playing a game where you didn't lose any scores for leaving it? 

I was thinking maybe we do need to have moderation with online games. I even think online gaming should never be allowed in Internet cafes in schools and near schools. While having online gameplay is fine yet I think the whole practice of daily rewards for playing isn't good. After all, think about it that gaming isn't life either!