Modernization Is Good But Not Everything Modern Is Good

I do enjoy progress and modernization but that doesn't mean that I should care only if something is new or think that everything newer is always better. While old school fantards who don't want change are indeed a problem then the same can go for being a moderntard. A moderntard tends to think that something must be new because it's good rather than something new is good because it's good. Worse, a moderntard is bound to attack you automatically for simply disliking something modern and assume you're against progress even when you're not.

It reminded me of how often I feel left out because I didn't like a lot of modern music. I remembered getting ridiculed by moderntard peers in the 90s when I told them that I like classical music over their love for modern music, how I think Laurel and Hardy is funnier than Dumb and Dumber or that I enjoyed some old school entertainment. I was called as an "enemy of progress" and a "caveman" never mind that I mix old school and new school entertainment.

I feel like the problem of some fanbases today is their lack of critical thinking when change goes bad. Sure, change is needed all the while it must be balanced with being critical about what changes happen. Change is needed for progress but change doesn't always equate to progress! It's like how I tend to get negative about new school entries when all they do is give some new gimmicks but fail to give a good story. But for blind fans -- they just want to say that something is better because it's the latest entry of the series never mind if it's got plenty of flaws.

It's stupid to accuse me of being "against innovation" because I tend to have some preferences of older versions or older shows -- never mind that I'm also pursuing other new school stuff in this day and age. Just because we're in the digital age doesn't mean that one should be a moderntard. It's just like how I dislike the Beauty and the Beast (2017) compared to Beauty and the Beast (1991) based on implementation. Meanwhile, I could also say that I don't like the first entries of several series now such as the first Tekken game (which I disliked due to its stiff controls) all the while I still feel Tekken 7 becomes very lacking in terms of content in spite of new gameplay innovation.

In my case, I always want to think about a balanced approach towards modernization than modernize for the sake of modernizing. It's to make sure that modernization is sustainable. It's a balance of ecology and modernization. I would pursue making new technology yet I wouldn't dare destroy an ecosystem. If there's no ecosystem then modernization can't be enjoyed. It's all about knowing what goes in and what goes out for a balanced modernization.