Hasbro And Saban In My 90s Childhood

As Power Rangers Beast Morphers draws near -- I just wanted to think about how the Power Rangers license was sold by Haim Saban and said deal was approved by Toei. Now it's Toei and Hasbro co-owning Power Rangers. I'd just like to to a bit of a trip to memory lane of shows that once made up my childhood and others that are just old shames in my list.

So what's up with Hasbro? I could remember watching the following shows as done by Hasbro in the 90s -- G.I. Joe, Transformers, Glo Friends, Potato Head Kids, My Little Ponies, Go-Bots (which was pretty much the less popular predecessor of Transformers), Visionaries, Maxie's World (which I watched having a crush on its non-existent protagonist) and did I mention Sesame Street? Though the ones that quickly became my favorites were both G.I. Joe and Transformers -- which both had controversial moments as well. I remembered how I didn't immediately like the idea of Cobra Commander getting replaced by the synthetic Serpentor until I realized the latter was more entertainingly stupid. The death of Optimus Prime may have caused a backlash yet I believe it was well-written. Transformers third season did have some further exploration of their history though I admit -- turning Megatron into the super stupid and extremely violent Galvatron may not be such a good idea!

Now I may not like Power Rangers ever since I got more into Super Sentai but I don't think I could really hate Saban. I think about Saban's contract with Marvel (and Marvel once had a contract with Toei) made the ones I deeply enjoyed such as the X-Men 90s cartoon (which may be considered the best X-Men adaptation by many fans), the Marvel Action Hour with Iron Man and the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman -- though others were less successful such as Spiderman Unlimited and Avengers: United They Stand. There was also his co-production with DIC and they made the highly successful Super Mario Bros. Super Show -- which sadly DIC's sequels without Saban just didn't succeed as much as the first show. 

What are your memories of Hasbro and Saban if you are a 90s child?