Old School Games That I Don't Bother To Pick Up And Play Anymore

Some successful games won't age well and we know it! Sometimes, you just enjoyed the game back a decade or more ago yet I ask myself, "Do I still want to play them again?" While there are still some old school games worth playing -- others are just MEH already and have aged terribly in this day and age.

The first four Tekken games

Tekken is a highly successful game but not all the old school entries of that game are worth playing all over again. While I would still pick the first Tekken Tag Tournament game for fun but the second game is so much better! So I thought of some problems that I had with the first four games -- they were still testing new stuff. 

First two games had rather stiff controls, Tekken 3 well the sidestepping is almost as bad as Mortal Kombat 4/Gold and not to mention most of the character endings do lack personality IMHO. Tekken 4 also has bad sidestepping issues and it wasn't until Tekken 5 that I decided to get deeper in Tekken. So why would I play them all over again if I can pick up either Tekken 5, Tekken 6 or Tekken Tag Tournament 2? 

Every Mortal Kombat fighting game before the reboot

I admit, I did like Mortal Kombat Deception yet it now pales in comparison to the reboot. It's not just because Shao Kahn totally owns Onaga -- it's also on the gameplay. I thought the 3D era of Mortal Kombat got old faster than a pair of dentures! The first games were suffering from overly repetitive gamplay, broken A.I. and do you remember Mortal Kombat Trilogy? I enjoyed that game a LOT before but I thought it's not really even worth the competition -- I lost a lot of friends spamming Kintaro at them during the PS1 days. Then Armageddon deserves to be well... in Armageddon because it's such a bad game!

So why do I end up replaying MK9 over the rest of the predecessors? Sure, I could still pick Shaolin Monks but I don't find myself playing the Mortal Kombat II game built in it. I could also think about how I enjoyed Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 but it's just pale now. I really ended up enjoying the use of the one-button per limb similar to Tekken with a whole lot of combos than the whole high and low attacks IMHO. MK9 balances almost everything with the 2D gameplay while introducing plenty of new stuff!

Megaman 1 and Megaman X7

The first Megaman game was a success but I can't deny how it doesn't age well. While the re-releases do allow you to save your progress -- the first game had no password. I don't want to deny how difficult the game was also. While Megaman 2 can be more fun -- the first Megaman game is downright frustrating yet it puzzles me how it got so many sales!

Then another is the badly hated Megaman X7. The game was pretty much indecisive, bad voice acting and loose controls. It really couldn't decide if it wanted to be 2D or 3D so it put it all there and it really was THAT STUPID! I may prefer the X series better but X7 is definitely one game that I wouldn't want to pick up and play all over again. 

The first two Super Mario games

No, I'm not talking about Doki Doki Panic's remake as a Super Mario game. Rather, I'm talk about Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Sure, the game did launch the ever successful Super Mario game series but I could remember my frustrations. You got into the last stage and GAME OVER -- you start at World 1 all over again. I also remembered all the ridiculous stage designs. Fortunately, these evolved overtime. 

If there's any Super Mario game from the old school days I'd still pick -- it's Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World! But now, I don't have plans for a Nintendo system anymore! I just feel like having too many systems is such a hurdle such as having a PS2, PS3 and PS4 can be good but it can also feel awkward. Hehehehe!

Many of Namco's arcade hits before Tekken 

Does anybody remember Dig Dug and Pacman? Well, I remember how Pacman became an insane fest and probably helped define Namco's success in the past. However, the first Pacman game is just focused on getting the highest score until you run out of lives. The same goes for Dig Dug. It's all too focused on digging and getting the high score. Right now, these classics aren't even worth my pick anymore!

Plenty of old school RPGs

Sure old school RPGs that were 8-bit to 16-bit did a lot of charm back then but what about today? I even think about WHY I don't like to even replay them. Can anybody remember most of the fights were merely flashing narrations than you see your character do something against the boss? The boss fights were just boring when you've finally played much more modern RPGs than them, right? 

Maybe almost every DOS game

I could remember some of them like Commander Keen but many of them tend to be wonky in the long run. I thought about how the MS-DOS era just came to an end. I may still feel missing some of them every now and then but how often do I miss them? I don't think much!