I Love Vegetarian Food But Can't Imagine Being Vegetarian

I really can't help but admit that somehow -- vegetarian cooking (if well-prepared) is really one of my favorites. My favorite vegetarian cuisines usually go with North Indian food, Chinese food (but not so much) and some Italian cuisines taste better without meat. I just love vegetarian food and I think that vegetarian meat (soy chunks or gluten) taste better than animal meat.

But why would I say I can't go vegetarian? Some of my favorite foods are in fact meat-based. I for one happen to be a beef person (and I don't like pork that much) -- I love steaks, beef burrito, pochero, beef quesadillas, Chinese beef noodles, balbacua and grilled beef. I also love to go for Korean barbecue. Just imagine how much of my favorites I'd give up if I'd go vegetarian.

I could really say that I've just desired less meat but never wanted to completely give up on it!