Damn... Ichika Osaki Is Reminding Me Of My Five Years Older Than Me Crush!

It really has me thinking how Ichika Osaki reminds me of the time I was secretly in love with a lady five years older than I am. I was 11 and she was 16 when it happened but we never talked nor had a conversation. I wasn't really into older women though I admired her from a distance. She was kind of cute but not really super pretty. Then I entered high school and she was in college -- hoping it'd work out but there were other girls that soon came so I abandoned said pursuit.

The year was over and I somewhat moved on while I was secretly heartbroken. Then it happened -- I was still yearning for her but not as badly as it should. I thought I'd forget about her but it's stupid how Ichika looks like that girl! It's not her fault she was born with that face though. But just thinking about it -- I'm indirectly singing this song again...