Satirical News: Ed Boon Reveals MK11's Latest Pre-Order Bonus For Filipinos

Ed Boon reveals that his feud with Nobita Aquino is far from over. After the longtime reveal that Shao Kahn will be a pre-order bonus -- he has revealed that Filipino players will get few new additional bonuses. One of them will include Nobita as a free DLC that will be readily available for Filipinos who have pre-ordered.

"You can play as Shao Kahn and you can have the opportunity to download Nobita Aquino as a DLC opponent. Although you can't play as him because he will be a wimpy character but you can definitely enjoy beating him up in any mode possible. But there will be more DLC opponents that you can fight but can't play as when MK11 gets released!" said Boon in the latest interview.

What was revealed in a leak was that Noynoy can also be used as alternate costume for selected characters. Other leaks that Boon reveals is that Baraka can be customized to look like Gary Alejano or Flower Hillbilly, D'Vorah to look like Stinky Soliman, the Kollector to have Butcher Abad's face and Noob Saibot to look like Jejemon Binay. This is but a partial list of the leaks available to Filipino players.

Stay tuned for further developments!