Some Filipinos Tend To Call Tapioca Balls As "Sago" But They're Not The Same Thing

Picture courtesy of Spruce Eats

Ever realized how it's typical in the Philippines for Filipinos to say, "It's so hot -- let's grab some sago from Zagu!" to one's peers? Well it's sort of like using Kodak or Xerox as verbs like "Magpakodak ka muna!" or "Get a Kodak first!" or "Let's Xerox it!" Xerox is a brand of photocopying -- the correct word is to photocopy. The same happens with sago which is not what Zagu serves. Rather, Zagu serves tapioca balls and not sago.

Sure, sago has been a favorite of Filipinos such as sago't gulaman but it should never be confused with the obviously different tapioca ball. Filipinos may have found some ways of using tapioca balls but why call it sago? They could just call it as tapioca balls which they may want some of it to put in the delicious Filipino dessert called benignit if they please. They may want to make their own Pinoy bubble tea (and I suggest doing it with salabat) and put tapioca balls as part of an evolving drink.

Just don't confuse both sago and tapioca balls for each other. Enjoy them but don't confuse them for the other! Cheers!