Why I Still Tend To Dislike The Stoichiometry Part Of Chemistry

Chemistry can be fun on learning the facts and figures, some computations can be fun but there's one specific part I really end up disliking -- it's stoichiometry! These days, I do still take an interest in self-studying basic chemistry but I just hate getting referred over or at least I dislike stoichiometry. My reason is because it has to do with this idea -- one wrong move and you are bound to go sky high! Hmmm I guess it's only fair enough chemists who screw up should get their licenses revoked!

Why I still don't like stoichiometry? Well, useful as it is (because it what manufactures a lot of stuff I enjoy using) but there's always the thought of a nuclear reaction or the laboratory blowing up. The wrong move itself makes me imagine the whole school is on fire. Recently, I try to watch the videos with basic stoichiometry and I'm just thinking, "Man one wrong move then BOOM!" It was interesting to know how chemicals can react but it's also frightening to imagine them explode!

While chemistry is an important subject -- I do still find stoichiometry to be a nightmare. Not because it's hard -- it's because of one horrifying incident in chemistry laboratories after the other that our rather smart science teacher keeps talking about! I never had suffered a single burn incident or laboratory accident -- just that seeing Spawn or Darkman made me fear the subject! I simply don't want to imagine myself mixing those chemicals then boom!