Apparently This is Rhian Howell's Answer to the Question to Mo Twisted's Accusation

"I was very shocked and very hurt. I could not believe what I was seeing. I could not believe that he would say all those things about me and make a video saying things like that about me," were the words of Rhian Denise Ramos Howell said.  I cannot judge the veracity of this statement but it seems to be real even if I am not much of a fan of Filipino show business.  Some things are not answered directly.  In fact it's much implying that DJ Mo Twisted is as Rhian Howell is saying via Twitter that he is Twisting the truth with his eloquence (notice how I emphasized the word).  To be honest, I have tried listening to Mo Twisted's other side of the story and man I have to admit, it was really painful to watch- more painful than sitting through a poorly written script  As said, she's learned her lesson.    Sadly many will still walk in the path of Mo Twisted's movement.  To be honest, if I were accused of what I did not do, I definitely would be in complete outrage myself!  Oh and I do suspect that a LOT of the anti-Rhian comments are from Mo Twisted's followers.  Well only time can tell before that lowlife gets what he deserves whatever it is.