What I Freaking Hate About MOST American Shows

Don't get me wrong there are still GOOD American shows but I have to admit most of it is trash.  Hate is just strong enough a word to describe how I feel.  Here are some things I'd like to voice out about American shows:

I'd like to TALK ABOUT how corny most of American humor is.  I simply want to use the clip above as an example.  Seriously for me, the clip above is NOT even funny.  Okay I have NOTHING against Americans in general but the clip above makes it easy to negatively generalize Americans!  Overacting is an issue on American TV.

Many kid's shows are moronic.  To be honest, Sentai can just be edited, put the death in dialogue but overtime American TV has become SO STUPID.  For example, Transformers the Movie had MANY kids crying and parents rather than tell their children that the death of Optimus Prime made him a real hero, complained about the scenes.  So instead, American TV slowly started removing the reality of death of the heroes from their TV screens.

I have to admit the reality of shows adding UNNECESSARY sound effects like "hiya" and "hya" are all contributing to overacting.  I have to admit that while Power Rangers was part of my childhood, most of the seasons end up belonging in the "old shame" section.  PR Samurai is NOWHERE near Shinkenger at all plotwise.

Seriously has America RAN OUT of original ideas?  I mean America was once known for several shows that that were not adaptations like DC, Marvel, Disney's original characters and Warner Bros. but do they really have to keep getting franchising rights just to get a show done?  Adaptation can be good but today it's mostly BAAAAAAD.  Hmmm... I guess this is one good reason why some American fans of Sentai want Power Rangers to D-I-E- DIE!.  I can be neutral on the issue of Power Rangers but overrating everything American is just not good.  Oh yeah they try to make the show fit for soccer moms who are overprotective over their children- come on they have to grow up they can't be won't grow up Timmy Turners forever!  I have to admit that many American shows based on Anime like Voltron and G-Force are one of my old shames.  Golion and Gatchaman were SO MUCH BETTER.  Seriously all you rip off lovers should WATCH the original before you berate it!

Sadly many of these exist in Filipino TV as well these days.

Oh here's a moronic comment from Youtube:

you dont know shit about power ranger was the bomb, it pissed sentai 2000 times.If sentai were so great then it would be just as or more popular, you ask any kid senati thell give you a "what you talkkin about willis" look.The U.S. invented the idea about electronics and maufactured the first home comp.Japen made it better but you dont hear me pissing on there parade bitching like you!We just did the same thing and did it better so climb out of your ass and accept Power Rangers rules.

Yeah right that guy hasn't even watched Sentai and he's already bashing it with PLENTY OF WRONG SPELLING AND BAD WORDS!  Good that his comment got PLENTY of negative votes.  Well it was just nice to hear this out loud...

As HORRIBLE as I think Operation Overdrive is, James MacLurcan apparently is a Super Sentai fan.  Here's his photo with Yasuhisa Furuhara.  Mr. Smith's PR Sentai Universe is apparently keeping the balance on both sides with unbiased reviews.

And here's a MESSAGE to all you willing slaves of American imperialism.  Spongebob has a BIG message for all the hear: 

Spongebob Squarepants and company sing the Gokaiger song as a protest!  Now let Spongebob's voice be heard!