Creating Another Niche?

I simply thought it over that after I got some constructive comments by Chris X that Sentai is about shows, not celebrities it looks like a major clean-up could come to place.  Oh think about it- Fantasy Leader is doing some cleaning up on his own and I don't know if he'll be doing several niches soon in his own blog or even break it apart into pieces to cater to different markets (I think he has entrepreneurial potential seriously).  So here's what I've been thinking to do if I got some time- create another blog (and hopefully it'll gain momentum) on my favorite oriental soap operas which I find has become my greater drive over Tokusatsu.  Maybe the reason was while I wanted to watch Super Sentai over Power Rangers but having more of Chinese drama then later Korean drama (something I don't like) instead of Super Sentai can be a factor.  Funny.  On the other hand, this blog is for some places where I specifically can't lump together.  Hmmm is Chinese entertainment really overshadowing Japanese entertainment?  I'll probably blog on that some other time.