Welcome Back Rhian Ramos Howell

Well it's kinda something that Rhian Ramos Howell who was brutally battered by Mo Twisted's series of false accusations is back.  She was last seen at Chikka Minute and looking at this, CRUD I missed it!  I was so busy and all!  Well I'm glad she's back.  Oh... is she really dating Jeric Lacson?  Hope I am mistaken. :P  I guess that's why...

Mo Twisted is resuming his Twitter war while hiding in New York.  Oh boy.  He gets sympathy because of his charisma, his ability to Twist the truth and all.

On the other hand, this video is making me ask myself why I am seeing her dancing in my mind.  But welcome back nonetheless Rhian Ramos Howell.  Oh boy.