Getting Into French?!

For some reason, I just enjoyed viewing Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" in the language it should be IMO- French.  And French turns out to be very beautiful when it's a French-themed show.  Sure the English version was good but French got me more in love with the show.  There have been differences between French versions and English versions of certain films... now for another one...

Frollo's "Hellfire" in French had made him more of the tragic villain as he's supposed to be.  That is he does acknowledge his fault to a certain extent in the French compared to Tony Jay's version where he doesn't acknowledge he must be punished.  He says, "The Kingdom of Heaven must punish me..." when he acknowledges that he's been staring too long at Esmeralda, making him closer to the Victor Hugo version.

Daniel Lavoie's "Your Love Will Kill Me" in its original French where he also performed the role of the sinister priest Frollo in a closer to Victor Hugo adaptation.