Hey Lady Waiting for the Perfect Man Huh? Forget It!

I just wrote about myself looking for the perfect woman which is but stupid making me unable to move on, now it's time to get rid of the "perfect man" off the head of the ladies.  Why?  If there's no perfect woman, there is NO perfect man.  I can guarantee that.  Even every man who looks like they have it all have their character flaws.

Like it or not some men may be rich, handsome and good looking but some of them can be jerks.  Others may be handsome and kind but they're not very rich.  Oh boy you can't have it all can you?  As said, men should always just get the real them to be positive, not to be perfect or they'll just reach frustration.  People should ignore women looking for the perfect man because they are unrealistic, vain, selfish and above all THEY WILL JUST HURT THE MEN WITH THEIR MYRIADS OF IMPOSSIBLE DEMANDS.  Seriously some of the greatest English students are poor in Mathematics and vice versa.  Even the valedictorian may be academically good but he/she may admit he/she has other flaws like being horrible in learning other languages.  Still no perfect man.

If you're still LOOKING for the perfect man, you'l be as crazy as the girl above.  Yeah... sometimes cartoon shows do depict a huge bite of the STUPID reality we all suffer today regardless where we are whether it'd be the America or the Philippines.  After all, fiction is created by people who are real as its audience.  Trixie Tang is just an example of girls who always try to look for Rex Perfection when he's nothing more than Timmy Turner in disguise to get the not worth it girl of his dreams.  In the real world, I've encountered two real life Trixie Tangs who were strangely far from gorgeous... truth will always be stranger than fiction!  Regardless, these real life people like her should be avoided as the idea partner at all costs because they will only lead to torturous relationships which can go from "tell me I'm pretty" to becoming a nagging relationship.